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The Rules of a Big Boss™; Our Discussion with Teen Entrepreneur Haelee Moone and Dedrick Moone

Episode Summary

Dave, Sam, Savvy and Lexi sit down with teen author and entrepreneur Haelee Moone, CEO of The Rules of a Big Boss, and her father, Dedrick Moone, the COO and author in his own right, about their business, their books, the path of a teen businesswoman and how to balance that life with the rigors of school and being a teenager.

Episode Notes

Content Warning: Dedrick discusses bullying and sexual assault and attempted murder that Haelee experienced at time mark 15:02 to 18:20, in case you want to skip that section. Listen carefully].

Haelee has written a book based on a journal experiment that she began keeping during the summer of 2020 and has also developed a clothing line that is based on personal empowerment for teens. 

Dedrick Moone’s book, which details the backstory to this amazing father/daughter team, and his own experience in learning how to overcome the mistakes of his parents in developing the skills to share his feelings with his daughter, but especially, in helping to deal with the overwhelming trauma he and his daughter suffered when Haelee was quite young.

Haelee and Dedrick spend their time going around to schools, businesses and talking with local news stations spreading the message of Haelee’s books and clothing line and sharing the message of empowerment.

For more about their books and products, visit The Rules of a Big Boss website.

To contact Haelee and Dedrick, follow this link

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